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Gray Rampart// This level was created using assets built by single player artists at Kojima Productions Japan and re-purposed them in order to create a multiplayer map. This level is the result of hard work between multiple artists and most assets have been through many hands. I was mainly responsible for the Dam itself, it was the one hero asset created in house. I modeled it after a designer blackout and uvd and textured with pre existing texture sheets, as well as some new textures created by myself. Other responsibilities included set dressing the interior and exterior of the dam with single player assets, making texture modifications to the crane and bridge, and optimizing poly count and draw call numbers on a number of assets throughout the map.

This is the result of a collaboration between myself and Richard Gardner.

Amber Station// For this level I was tasked with modeling new props and optimizing existing props to be used by the level artists. The ship was a vista prop originally created by japan, i was tasked to bringing it up to a first person quality. This included model and uv edits, as well as new texture sets. Other duties included set dressing.